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Joseph Janiga

Web Developer / Software Engineer

I build the web...


API NodeJS / Express
Front End AngularJS SPA
Persistance MySQL
Integration In-Game LUA Addon
Adoring Fan is a project I undertook with the intention of building a data collection system for the MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online through an in game addon. more...

Node Domain Availability

API NodeJS / Express
Dependency Management NPM
Front End AngularJS
In an attempt to better understand the workings of the WHOIS system and Domain availability, I decided to write a framework for making WHOIS checks and the app to consume this framework - both solely in JavaScript. Instead of consuming an existing API, I read the WHOIS Protocol Specification RFC-3912 and wrote my own package to faciliate socket connections and read write data to and from the stream

I code games...

I take pictures...

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