Walk Cycle

Lion Boss

Gif Boss Animation Game Dev 2d Platformer

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger

Lion Boss

Fixed alot of the logic and starting reworking the sprite sheets for some legit animation... Hope yall enjoy!

Gif Cloak and Dagger Game Dev 2d Platformer

Spikes and Meats


Haven't Posted a gif in about a week, so I wanted to give everyone...

a TASTE of what I am COOKING up!

(nailed it!)

Meats and Spikes

Since last we spoke I setup a "paper" scrum board at home above my desk, And sure enough this mess of post-it-notes has helped me get a lot of my thoughts into a more organized form. I've since been able to come up with a feasible plan, significantly reduce my scope, and make a venture back into the 8 bit era. About 2 weeks into this exploration and I have already a lot to show for it. Looking to get a Static one level prototype out before March 2015 is up. Until then enjoy the meats and spikes and poorly animated weird looking space character.

Gif MEAT! Game Dev 2d Platformer



What do you guys think? Will Lucas let me have this one?


Sprites Boss Game Dev 2d Platformer

Cheating Character Models

Two Hands... One Arm

Really quickly, just wanted to put up a pic of some sketches I am making. I am testing a method of splitting the player character into multiple parts... and I think I can cheat a gun toting hero this way by making him without arms. Then I can split the arms and weapon out into a front sprite. Super imposing a that sprite of heroes main arm + hand, weapon and offhand (with no arm). Using the right animation I think the player wont even miss the "hidden" arm.

We shall see... I also have been working on a 2d tilemap system for this prototype and I completed json tile map level data serialization last night! I used AngularJS on a web app to output the json data, and I feed that into data into C# scripts at runtime to populate the level from a tile set.

Serialized JSON with level editor in angular

Cheating Sprites Drawing Game Dev 2d Platformer